Our firm embraces a non-siloed approach, cultivating growth by expertly crafting marketing and production solutions that resonate with your target audience, breathe life into your vision, and make a tangible contribution to your bottom line.

Our Beginnings

In 2017, Elm Production and Marketing was born out of a visionary pursuit by siblings Guy and Lacy. Witnessing a gap in the market, they identified the essential need for a firm that could break away from the conventional siloed approach to marketing. The dynamic duo set out on a mission to provide clients with services that were not only efficient and effective, but also held the highest standards of quality.

The driving force behind the endeavor was the recognition that a comprehensive solution was required—one that seamlessly integrated creativity and innovation. In an industry often characterized by compartmentalized strategies, Guy and Lacy envisioned a non-siloed approach.

Together, Guy, Lacy, and the Elm Team allocate resources efficiently and collaborate seamlessly to coordinate marketing efforts, ensuring a holistic approach to client solutions. At Elm Production and Marketing, we are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our clients, offering a unique blend of efficiency, effectiveness, and uncompromising quality.


Firm Established by Lacy Gevers
Guy Gevers Joins Elm Solutions
Elm Solutions adds Production Services


Elm solutions becomes elm production and marketing
Elm Expands Service Area to Cover Clients in 10 Different States


firm Growth continues!

Our Leadership

Lacy Gevers, MBA

With over 15 years of branding and marketing experience, Lacy places a strong emphasis on data-driven decision-making. She has worked with clients in various industries nationwide, providing a range of production and marketing services to help them achieve their goals.


Guy Gevers

Guy has a strong background in video production, graphic design, and audio engineering, with experience working with both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Always at the forefront of innovation, Guy remains up to date with the latest production technologies and industry trends, infusing creativity and cutting-edge solutions into every project.


Our Expertise

At the heart of our expertise lies a comprehensive and dynamic approach to serving both B2B and B2C clients across multiple states nationwide. Our full-service model is characterized by in-house capabilities that span the entire spectrum of our service areas. Central to our core values is an unwavering commitment to communication, emphasizing the cultivation of meaningful connections with our clients. We recognize the significance of your voice, actively listening to ensure that your unique needs and aspirations are not only heard but also translated into impactful solutions. Our team excels in seamlessly blending various facets of marketing and production into a unified and synchronized effort. We forge a cohesive and synergistic approach that establishes a consistent and impactful brand presence across all channels.
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