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Lacy Gevers, MBA

Managing Partner
Lacy is a highly experienced member of the Elm Production and Marketing leadership team. As Managing Partner and Marketing Director, she is responsible for overseeing all marketing services and business development for the company. With more than 15 years of experience in production and marketing, Lacy has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to draw upon in her role. She has worked with clients nationwide, providing a range of production and marketing services to help them achieve their goals. In her current position, Lacy is instrumental in driving the success and growth of Elm Production and Marketing.

Guy Gevers Jr.

Managing Partner
Guy is a skilled and experienced member of the Elm Production and Marketing leadership team. As Managing Partner and Production Director, he is responsible for overseeing all production aspects of the firm, as well as firm operations. Guy has a strong background in video production and audio engineering, with over 5 years of experience working with both for-profit and non-profit organizations. In his current role, Guy plays a crucial role in ensuring that all production projects are completed to the highest standards and that the firm's operations run smoothly. Guy's extensive knowledge and expertise make him a valuable asset to Elm Production and Marketing. His skills and experience are instrumental in helping the firm succeed and grow.

Why Work With Us?

As a full-service production and marketing firm, we work with clients to provide targeted services in a strategic manner that helps businesses achieve greater success.

We inspire growth by connecting you to real solutions.

We bring your vision to life, by listening to you.

Our team has experience and knowledge in a variety of industries.

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