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The client approached Elm Production and Marketing with the need for professional documentation of their construction management projects. Elm Production and Marketing used both standard and aerial photography to capture the progress of the projects and document critical stages. Our team worked closely with the project managers to develop a comprehensive timeline to ensure that all important aspects of the projects were captured. 

In addition to documenting the projects, our team also assisted the client's marketing department in creating an organizational system for the project photos and videos. This system made it easier for the marketing team to access and use the visual materials for marketing and promotional purposes. By providing high-quality documentation and an organized system for storing and accessing the visual materials, our team was able to help the client effectively showcase their construction management projects and promote their business. 
Additionally, our firm provided, branding and marketing services to help enhance the business's identity. These services included strategies for building brand awareness and engagement, as well as tactics for promoting the business's products or services. Our team worked closely with the business to understand their unique needs and goals, and developed customized solutions that helped them stand out in their industry. By focusing on branding and marketing, we were able to help the business build a strong and cohesive identity that resonated with their target audience and helped drive business growth.


We provide a range of services including website design, search engine optimization, and social media management to help businesses effectively reach and engage their target audience. For this client we provide the following services:
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Digital Marketing

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Commercial Photography

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Graphic Design

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