The Joshua Chamberlain Society
The Joshua Chamberlain Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting heroes and their families for life. Rooted in a community-oriented approach, the society aims to provide comprehensive assistance and support to those who have served, embodying a commitment to the well-being of our nation's heroes.


Our firm aimed to enhance corporate donor engagement for the Joshua Chamberlain Society (JCS), requiring a unique and effective marketing initiative.


Recognizing the pivotal role of graphic design in conveying JCS's story and a need to measure marketing success, we identified the need for a strategic tracking approach.


Our solution involved a print and presentation campaign with integrated trackable QR codes. The strategy combined professional copywriting, a promotional video, and graphic design.

Our firm undertook a comprehensive marketing initiative aimed at boosting corporate donor engagement for the Joshua Chamberlain Society (JCS). To achieve this goal, we initiated a multifaceted approach that combined research, analysis, and creative strategies. In conjunction with our comprehensive marketing initiative for JCS, our firm recognized the pivotal role of graphic design in conveying the organization's story and enhancing donor engagement. 

Going beyond the visual appeal, our graphic design element served as a strategic tool to monitor and track the success of marketing initiatives. We incorporated trackable QR codes seamlessly into JCS's promotional materials, facilitating the measurement of the effectiveness of specific marketing efforts, campaigns, and communication channels. This innovative approach provided valuable insights into donor engagement. Our mission was to evoke an emotional connection with the audience, transforming the JCS story into a powerful and memorable experience for corporate donors.
A pivotal aspect involved seamlessly incorporating MarTech features into printed materials. The trackable QR code embedded in the print documents offers valuable insights into the success of the campaign.
A streamlined call-to-action graphic was crafted to inspire donor participation and minimize obstacles.
Leveraging the power of numbers and unique aspects of the organization, infographics were designed to highlight organizational impact.
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