The Village of Kingdom City, MO
The Village of Kingdom City, situated in Mid-Missouri, boasts a distinctive community characterized by a notable influx of highway traffic. This unique blend of residents and high traffic levels shapes the village's identity and presents opportunities for community engagement and outreach.


The Village of Kingdom City needs to unify its community messaging, social media, branding and website.


The current approach diminishes impact, hindering consistent and compelling communication with the community.


Our solution included a framework to align and synergize all forward facing areas of the Village, providing a holistic strategy that maximizes impact.

Our firm provides a comprehensive range of services to the Village of Kingdom City, creating a toolkit tailored to meet diverse communication and outreach needs. This includes continual research, strategic community messaging, social media management, captivating graphic design, website design and development, professional staff headshots, and aerial drone photography. We crafted a unified and holistic strategy for the Village of Kingdom City, seamlessly integrating services. Through our tailored services, we empower the Village to convey its message, reinforcing a strong sense of community and shared purpose.

Navigating the Village towards a more contemporary brand identity was a pivotal aspect of our strategy, and we achieved this transformation without necessitating a complete rebranding process. Recognizing the significance of preserving the Village’s existing brand equity, we strategically infused modern elements to enhance its visual appeal and relevance. This involved subtle yet impactful adjustments to the logo, color palette, and overall design elements, aligning them with contemporary aesthetics. By carefully balancing tradition and modernity, we ensured that the Village maintained a sense of continuity while embracing a fresh and up-to-date image. This approach not only resonated with the existing community but also attracted a broader audience, positioning the Village as a forward-thinking and adaptive locale within its rich historical context.

We also designed and developed a mobile-friendly website with a focus on user experience and SEO. The responsive design ensures optimal viewing across devices, enhancing accessibility for users on smartphones and tablets. Our implementation of SEO best practices improves visibility on search engine results, contributing to the website’s effectiveness in reaching a wider audience. This mobile-friendly website reflects a commitment to delivering modern and user-centric digital solutions, for a positive online experience for all visitors.

In leveraging social media, the overarching strategy goes beyond broadcasting updates- to fostering a genuine connection with residents. Our strategy involves sharing crucial updates, creating an online community, and offering valuable insights. By actively connecting with other organizations within the community amplify impact. Through custom design and photography, the Village is positioned as a modern and unique hub. Using platforms to create a sense of belonging and shared purpose, we are able to create connection and real engagement with the community.
A crucial element was guiding the Village toward a more contemporary brand identity without undergoing a full rebranding process.
A critical review into the organizational structure and functionality of the website, and mapping a new structure, played a pivotal role in showcasing Village initiatives and minimizing obstacles for residents.
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