PDQ Notary
PDQ Notary is a professional nationwide notary service known for its efficiency and reliability. With a commitment to providing prompt and accurate notarial services, PDQ Notary has gained a reputation for quick turnarounds without compromising on quality.


Integrate print and digital elements into a cohesive marketing package with measurable impact.


Through market research, we identified the need for a personalized, multi-step approach, emphasizing measurable metrics for success.


Our solution involved a direct mail campaign with integrated trackable QR codes. The strategy combined professional copywriting, a promotional video, and graphic design.

Our firm orchestrated a comprehensive marketing and production package that intricately blended print and digital marketing elements. Through market research and insightful stakeholder interviews, we formulated a marketing strategy encompassing professional copywriting, a versatile promotional video, and expert graphic design for various direct mail marketing materials. To enhance project effectiveness, we integrated MarTech features such as trackable QR codes and links, into the print material, allowing us to measure success.

We designed a two-step direct mail campaign to maximize impact. In the initial phase, we crafted a 5x5 square-shaped direct mail piece (shown below) accompanied by hand addressed envelopes, strategically mimicking a personal card to enhance open rates. For high-value clients, a follow-up package was mailed two weeks later. This comprehensive package featured a custom designed folder, complete with informative handouts and thoughtfully selected swag items, ensuring a lasting impression and reinforcing the brand identity to potential customers.
A pivotal aspect involved seamlessly incorporating MarTech features into printed materials, establishing a dynamic connection to the promotional video crafted by our team.
The trackable QR code embedded in the print documents offers valuable insights into the success of the campaign.
Leveraging the client's existing tagline, our firm enhanced communication by integrating an explanatory infographic that succinctly showcases data at first glance.
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